BIC Exporter

Hexagon is the 1st output of the Business Incubation Centre of National Textile University, Faisalabad which has achieved the export of various textile products in a very short period of time.

ECO Wash Washing Powder

Hexagon has developed a washing detergent for Pakistan Army uniforms in Khaki and Camouflaged which retains the shade even after 40 wash cycles. It is available in all CSD stores all over Pakistan.

Process Control Home Textile

In Home-textile Units, the greige fabric is pretreated twice to achieve CIE Whiteness 150. The R&D team of Hexagon has achieved the required results in a single process which resulted in reduced cost of production & overheads. Further, production is also enhanced by 10%.

Production Enhanced 10%

Mr. Ejaz Niazi

Mr. Ejaz Niazi


CEO Message

With my over the years textile-based experience in both production and marketing, I reckon that good sourcing is the most valuable part of any growing industry. Therefore, I always strive for creating a conducive atmosphere to provide an effective decision-making process wherever required.

I am committed to improving and growing continuously while maintaining the business ethics, developments of human resources, and serving the community by extending the highest level of respect to our associates, suppliers & stakeholders.